Aljon Sus Reyes

Aljon takes lovely photographs & is kind enough to run around SE Portland with me. Check out his site, tell him how pretty he is & then buy him presents.

A Failed Attempt At Climbing The Stone Fortress

Never in my life have I wanted anything more than to get inside the stone fortress in these photos – One day. Lake Oswego has more than just boat garages & dogs that look (&sound) like their owners.

Moulton Falls – Take II

Ma & Sister came to visit – I learned that Ma cannot swim & that my little sister is not very little any longer.

Moulton Falls – Take I

Moulton Falls near/outside of Battle Ground, Washington – AKA the best thing to happen to me this Summer.

The Painted Hills & A Ghost Town Called Mitchell

Mitchell, OR is an incredible, strange town – it is lined with motorcycles from the burly men riding through the desert of central Oregon & sitting on the patio of the only cafe in town with leather boots & intimidating demeanors. Abandoned buildings, drunken store owners stumbling down dirt roads, elongated shadows, empty store fronts,…

Story Told –Take 1

Experimentation in the combination of the words I’ve written & the photographs I have produced — A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Words & Pictures / Pictures & Words

The explanation/synonym of those who do not experience the feeling of ‘home’ – Brought to you by the mother of a close friend, full of wisdom & joy.

Nostalgia in the Form of Postcards

Take-away items that are also postcards that are also visual representations of nostalgia & quiet longing. Three sets of three, tied together by three short phrases — ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Dog Mountain, Moss Creek, Lost Lake

Two days out of the city, 7 mile hike, high winds at mountain tops, dinner on the fire, tents on the edge of the creek, waking to the sounds of the forest & rowing along Lost Lake in a handsome canoe – All in the finest of company. A more than satisfactory way to celebrate…